You can support God’s work through Trinitas Church Plant in the following ways:

Prayer: The New Testament is unambiguous about the fact that the church initially grew and flourished in accordance with the unceasing prayer of God’s people (Acts 1:15; 2:42; 4:24; 6:4; etc.).  Likewise, we have no doubt that our efforts to plant and to grow Trinitas Church will not be successful apart from prayer.  If the mission of Trinitas Church is something that you would like to support, then please, begin by regularly praying that God will provide us with wisdom, a heart for the lost, right motives, seasoned believers, missionary targets, resources, and facilities to bless his kingdom in our area.

Stay Updated: You can bless Trinitas Church by following the latest updates about our plant on our Trinitas Facebook Page, and subscribing to our latest sermon series on iTunes.

Visit Us: We would encourage all those who are interested in supporting Trinitas Church to join us, and to participate in our worship.  It is a genuine ministry to a young church like Trinitas to become a willing beneficiary of our labors.  You can learn more about joining Trinitas on either an occasional or a regular basis here.

Gifts and Offerings: As we labor to build a healthy church community, we have taken direction from the Apostle Paul in seeking the support of faithful believers to underwrite the many costs of starting up our ministry (Phil. 5:15-19; 2:25).  All gifts given to Trinitas Church Plant will be collected and accounted for by the national church planting organization Mission to North America (MNA).  You may support Trinitas Church Plant with a one time-gift, or bless us with a regular pledge of support for the next four years by clicking here.

Join Us in Blessing other Ministries: Trinitas Church is greatly blessed any time people join us in supporting other ministries that are committed to the Great Commission.  For a list of ministries that we support, click here.