Christians have entered into a unique covenant relationship with God through Christ and the Holy Spirit, such that He is our Lord and Husband, and we are His servant and bride.  In gathering for worship at Trinitas we desire most of all to approach our Lord in the fashion that He prescribes and desires.  As a result, our order of service, or “liturgy,” reflects a pattern of worship that appears throughout the Bible.  As we gather together on the Lord’s Day (Sunday), our hope is that participants will develop a sense of solidarity with the people of God in Scripture, and learn to identify themselves, above all else, as worshipers of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Each worship service at Trinitas church is divided into five basic stages—Call, Confession, Consecration, Communion, and Commission—with prayer and hymns weaved throughout.   Together the stages of our worship echo the steps involved in our initial reception of the Gospel and entrance into relationship with God.  In this way, our worship is an event of covenant renewal, not unlike when a married couple renews their wedding vows.  (Follow the link for a description of “What to Expect” with respect to practical matters like childcare, music style, etc.)

The following represents the basic order of our worship service.  For a detailed explanation of each step, click on the heading.

Communion1.  Call to Worship
–  An Invitation to Worship and Responsive Reading of Scripture
–  Prayer of Praise
–  Song of Ascent
2.  Confession of Sin
–  Group Confession of Sin
–  Silent Individual Confession of Sin
–  Assurance of Pardon
–  Song of Assurance
3.  Consecration with the Word of God
–  Prayer for Understanding
–  Reading of the Word
–  Preaching of the Word (view our sermons page)
–  Collection of Tithes and Offerings
–  Song of Response
4.  Communion with God
–  Prayer for the Lord’s Presence and Comfort
–  Confession of Faith
–  The Lord’s Supper
5.  Commission
–  Prayer for Evangelism
–  Kingdom Song
–  Blessing